Sunday, April 7, 2013

Access Blocked Websites - Youtube is Blocked in my Country

Are u facing problems with blocked websites. Like Youtube is Blocked and people ask so many questions,
  • Youtube is blocked in my country(specially Pakistan)
  • Youtube is blocked in my college,
  • Youtube is blocked in my network
  • Youtube is blocked in my university
  • Youtube is blocked in my school

    All your questions will answer here how to access youtube.
I am sharing a website which will guide you on how to access blocked websites on any where.

Click to Access You tube & Other blocked websites

This will open a website and now you have to enter the address in the box showing in the below image

Click to Enlarge
Hope this will better guide you on How to access blocked websites and other blocked content in your country,

Watch Video Here But Make Screen Full First
Next i will show you how to download You tube videos if youtube is blocked with a specific software like
Internet Download Manager or others.


  1. There are many ways which people use to open blocked sites and i also know few of them but the best way which i use to access these blocked sites very easily for example if you want to access YouTube at school than .access youtube at school

    1. yes There are many ways i mention later of different proxy websites...


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