Friday, May 3, 2013

Creating Footer and Sidebar Links in Macromedia Dreamweaver Class 13

Class 13 of Web Design:
After viewing this video you will be able to final a page and create a page with out any confusion. When you add a footer to your webpage it means you just finally complete the page, creating list of links at your right sidebar make your user able to navigate quickly where you want to let them go. 

What will you Learn ?

  • How to Footer of Webpage in Dreamweaver.
  • How to Create Links in Sidebar.
  • How to Choose what to write in Footer.
  • How to Write Copyright C in Dreamweaver.
  • How to finalize a page after adding a footer.
  • How to use Span tag to capital only one letter in a line.
This class will guide you through the above content footer, sidebar, Link list.



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