Tuesday, May 28, 2013

IDroo Whiteboard for Skype - Online Educational Multiuser Whiteboard

Skype has become the leading video and audio chat client for a variety of software platforms from Mac to Windows. What many users don’t know is that aside from being a great social media channel and having affordable calling rates, it also offers over 40 different applications to enhance your Skype experience. Many of these apps serve as excellent tools for students and teachers alike, below is a wonderful tool i found to be the most beneficial for you to overcome many of the problems specially online teaching or making something roughly or online presentation.

IDroo is an interactive multi-user whiteboard application that allows you to instantly share your drawing board with your contacts. This app is great for artists, designers and anyone who engages in a large amount of visual media sharing. It allows you to host collaborative meetings with your contacts and share with them your ideas, images, drawings and written content. It even allows you to save your whiteboard content as an IDroo folder or image file for future reference. IDroo is an innovative and productive way of hosting study sessions or group project meetings. Contacts must have IDroo to participate and receive shared content. IDroo is compatible with Windows software only.

Additional Features

  • Maneuver different conversations via tabs
  • Available math tools
  • Unlimited participants
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Works with Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intuos and other digital tablets


Business meeting with IDroo

Drawing with Kids in IDroo

Project Discussion with IDroo


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