Friday, July 5, 2013

How to Write Sql in Phpmyadmin also Make Tables in MYSQL

How to Write SQL query in  Phpmyadmin:

One of my friend ask on how to write sql query in phpmyadmin so i decided to write a small tutorial with screen shots so you can work your own self.

Step 1: If you don't have phpmyadmin then go to this website and download XAMPP

Step 2: Install Xampp Click to see how to install.

Step 3: Go to Start >> Programs >> Xampp >> Xampp Control Panel and Start it.

Step 4: Now Start two services (Apache and Mysql) see in screen shot.

How to start Xampp

Step 5: Go to your Web Browser and write http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Step 6: you will see a windows Click on Database. See in screen shot.

how to create database

Step 7: Write your desired database name and then click create like screen shot below.
How to Create database in phpmyadmin

Step 8: Now on the left side pan there is your database pateltutes select it.

Step 9: Click on SQL and then write your sql query and click GO. see in screen shot.
How to and where to Write SQL query

Sql Query Example

Step 10: We do and example above which shows how to write example query you can design table in xampp

How to Design Table Using Phpmyadmin

Click the Structure button at the left of SQL and write your table name and designed it.

Design of Table using Xampp


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