Sunday, July 7, 2013

Change Location of My Documents Folder in Windows 7

The My Documents folder is a special folder that is attached to each user account as the default save location for many types of file

Let's change the folder to another destination so that you change document to another location and save them.

Normally this is located in "C:\Users\<Username>\Documents", but you may wish to change this path to another directory or drive.

To do so, browse to "C:\Users\<Username>" using Windows Explorer (Press WINDOWS KEY + E to access this). Then, right click on My Documents and select Properties:

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Now, click the Location tab at the top:

Then click Move which allows you to select the new location for your My Documents folder. Once you have chosen a new location, click OK to confirm the change:

Your documents are now stored in the new location. Hope you will like this don't forget to share or +1


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