Sunday, July 7, 2013

Window Charms in Windows 8

Window Charms:
Whenever you think about start menu you just think of windows xp where a menu bar is there and you quick access it but  in windows 8 , A menu bar of commonly used system commands, called "charms", can be accessed from the right side of your screen. These charms include a handy shortcut back to the Start Screen as well as Search, Share, Devices and Settings. You can access the Charms menu in the following ways:

Touch – Swipe inwards from the right edge of the screen.

Key/Mouse – Move the mouse pointer to the upper or lower right corners of the screen, then move the mouse along the right-hand edge of the screen towards the charms as they appear.

Note: Many of the keyboard shortcuts used in Windows 8 involve a special key on your keyboard called the Windows Logo Key. On an existing keyboard it should look like this or on a new keyboard like this and is located in the bottom left-hand corner between the Ctrl and Alt keys. Throughout this guide I will use the new Windows 8 logo to refer to this key. For example, the Charms menu can also be accessed via a keyboard shortcut, by pressing the Windows Logo Key and the letter “C” key at the same time. This shortcut can be showed as: + C


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