Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to do Partition Recovery in Windows 7

If you were installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 and by mistake you deleted different partition (D). So you can recover partitions in windows 7 by using different tools available in market. I will share some expert reviews to do that but first read the actual problem done by some one successfully solved.

Problem: I was installing fresh copy of windows 7 and by mistake i deleted the partition. Actually first I deleted and then formatted and then again deleted and finally left it alone. At this moment that partition is unallocated and not visible in Windows 7. I didn't write on it so I want to know is it possible to recover it BUT not by professionals (very, VERY expensive) but by me.

So what is the best way to do that?Bear in mind that I have just basic knowledge.

Answers by Experts:

Because you formatted I don't know if you will be able to recover but I suggest you try Steller Phoenix's software. It should be able to tell you IF and what it can recover and then you can decide if the cost is worth it. I haven't used it in many years so I don't know their current rate but they used to be more reasonable than Best Buy's "pay whether we recover or not" fee.

 I think your chances are decent, just don't create a new partition on the allocated space before you run the recovery tools. Also, I have serious doubts about the capabilities of the "free" recovery tools out there. You really don't want to have to try the recovery repeatedly with different tools if you can help it.

Finally the problem solved and partition recovered successfully. May be you feel this is garbage post but people got in new problems and their solutions so one of my this post will help you.


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