Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hundred 100 Tutorials for Windows 8

When you first use Windows 8 the most obvious change you will notice is the new Start Menu (now called the Start Screen), which automatically appears as you start Windows, and takes up the whole display. At first this sweeping change of design, called the Modern UI, can be a bit of a shock for even the most experienced Windows user. Some common responses upon first seeing Windows 8 are “Oh My God! Where’s the Desktop?” “What happen to the Start button?” or “How do I find my way around this thing?”

If you’re feeling a bit lost too, don’t worry, in this post you’ll learn how to navigate the new Windows 8 environment using either touch gestures or keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

Table of Contents
1. Windows Charms in Windows 8
2. Quick Launch in Windows 8
3. Quick Cycle and Recent Apps in Windows 8
4.Apps Bar in Windows 8
5.Selecting an Item and Finding Greater Context in Windows 8
6.Pin Ups in Windows 8


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