Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen

Here is i'm with a new thing that how can you disable windows 8 lock screen and then make your PC start with out lock.
Start your PC or wake it from sleep and you go straight to Windows 8’s lock screen, which you might expect on any Smartphone rather than PC. But you can easily get rid off this easily by following a couple of steps.

Step 1:   To do it, you use the  Local Policy Editor . Launch it by pressing  Windows key+R  to open , the Run bar,  

Step 2: Type  gpedit. msc,  and press Enter or click OK. The Local Policy Editor launches.

Step 3:  Now navigate to the following path on the left sidebar – to  Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Control Panel Personalization

Step 4:  Double-click the “ Do not display the lock screen ” entry, select  Enabled , then press Enter or click OK. Exit the Local Policy Editor.  

Step 5 : then  reboot . The new setting should take effect immediately. The next turn you reboot  


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